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Notes re:  Our Wheelie Bin Service                                          Skip Bin notes below 

If you reside in the Darwin Rural Area and have been contemplating signing up for our service. Read on !

For a weekly fee we can supply you with a 240litre Wheelie Bin to be emptied on a weekly basis depending on your location. Rural residents further down the track are provided with two bins emptied on a fortnightly basis.

Our Wheelie Bins are constructed of a heavy duty plastic and come complete with lid and wheels for easy mobility. They are environmentally green in color enabling them to blend into any garden. A Fin Bin is a cleaner alternative to loose bags, 44 gallon drums or cardboard boxes storing rubbish in your back yard.

In our warm tropical climate, unwrapped food scraps may attract flies,  maggots and eventually unwanted smells. In order to help prevent this scenario we advise you to keep your Wheelie Bin lid closed whilst it contains rubbish. A pesticide product available at most local supermarkets can be placed inside the bin to assist in eliminating flies. Other tips include wrapping food scraps if they are to be placed in the bin. Many of our existing customers compost their fruit and vegetable scraps where possible. This becomes a great source of fertilizer or mulch and it may be done using a compost bin or composting heap. Home composting will also reduce the amount of rubbish being placed in your Wheelie Bin. Meat and fish scraps can wrapped and stored in the freezer ( if space permits ) until being placed in the bin the night before collection day is due.

Hosing your Wheelie Bin out on a regular basis will keep it clean and less attractive to flies.

Collection days for our Wheelie Bin service vary depending on the area in which you live. Our service does not operate on Sundays, Christmas Day, New Years Day or Good Friday. Should your service operate on one of the above-mentioned public holidays you will receive a change of collection day notification letter  prior to this.

Your Wheelie Bin is to be out the night before your collection day is due. It  is to be placed at the front of your property within easy view of the roadside. We ask that you remove your bin from this position  and return  it to your yard as soon as possible after emptying in order to reduce the possibility of theft or damage.

Should you be lucky enough to be heading away on holidays and will not be requiring your usual pick up, please notify us in order to avoid being charged. If you have a house sitter whilst you are away, please notify he or she of the usual collection day and what they need to do with the bin.

Invoices are dispatched on a quarterly basis and our terms of credit are 21 days. As we are a small locally owned and operated business we ask that where possible you abide by these terms of credit.

Notes re: Our Skip Bin Service 

Need a quick solution to your rubbish removal needs. Give us a call .

Gardening waste, shed clean out, household rubbish, industrial waste, lawn sale leftovers, anything that cannot be reused or recycled. Call us to discuss your rubbish removal needs.

We can supply you with a   2.5m or a 4m Skip Bin depending on your rubbish removal requirements.

Should you require a Skip Bin for garden waste, please take note of the following. Garden waste may consist of branches, prunings, clippings, palm fronds and leaves. Garden waste does not include , dirt, sand, stone, rubble, bricks, block work, concrete, bricks, rocks or metal products.

You will need to specify what is to go into your bin in order to obtain a quote.

For anything that you are unsure of ,please give us a call or alternatively refer to our Toxic Waste Information section on this website.

Length of hire of your Skip Bin is normally short term , 3 days . This term may be extended if need be at extra cost depending on how long and bin availability ie. That it is not booked elsewhere.

Payment is required on drop off for any non account holding customers requiring a Skip Bin delivery. We prefer that someone be at the premises when bin is delivered to control dogs if need be, to indicate where bin is required  and to provide payment for service.

So, if you have been contemplating getting a Fin Bin, give us a call on 7909 8888.
We will be happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding our service.
OR Email Us at:-