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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.


          Do I require a particular type of bin ... ?  
      You would best click on the Bins/Skips Info Link in the menu to get
         an idea of Bin Sizes and Types and a description of what are the various
         types of Waste catered for.  You will also get an idea of what constitutes
         Domestic, Garden, Industrial and Toxic Waste


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          How do I know what size ... ?

Clicking on Bins/Skips for Hire Link will give you an indication of Physical Bin Sizes and capacities.  Note that it is a requirement not to have a bin
stacked in such a way that it is deemed to be hazardous.  We retain the
right to remove such waste as is necessary to make the load safe to transport.


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          What length of Hire Terms are available ... ?

Industrial Bins are hired on a Short Term basis of 1 to 5 days or alternatively on a Permanent Basis. Conditions apply for Permanent Industrial Bin Hire.

Wheelie Bins are hired on a permanent weekly basis with a minimum of one collection per week. Multiple bins or number of collections per week can be arranged to suit customer needs.

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          Can I book for a Weekly/Monthly/ Extended or Permanent Bin ... ?

Permanent Industrial Bins are hired with a minimum of one collection per week. A weekly site fee applies if bin is not emptied on a weekly basis.

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          Can I get a firm quote ... ?

A firm quote can be arranged. Please email your contact details, delivery date, delivery address, postal details , type of rubbish to be removed, approximate volume of rubbish and length of bin hire required. 

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          When do I pay... ?

For households and small businesses , permanent Wheelie Bin collection is invoiced on a quarterly, four monthly or six monthly basis . Monthly invoicing applies to Industrial Bin customers and those customers with multiple bins and pick ups per month. Please Note Credit Terms of 21 days.

Short Term hire of Wheelie Bins for Special Events will be invoiced immediately after the event.
Industrial Bins on short term hire are payment on drop off or EFT prior to delivery of bin. In order to finalise payment & delivery instructions please arrange for someone to be on site when bin is delivered.

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          What restrictions are in force ... ?

There are restrictions in the type of waste that can be safely transported as well as the height and weight of the proposed load.  Where toxic waste is concerned there are local authorities available to advise on hazardous chemicals and toxic materials handling


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          What is considered to be Garden Waste ... ?

Garden or Green Waste consists of general garden maintenance waste such as clippings, leaves, prunings, branches etc., but does not include soils, sand, rocks, concrete, bricks or other stone product or metals



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          Can you deal with Liquid Waste ... ?

We appologize but we do not deal with Liquid Waste.

GO HERE FOR TOXIC WASTE  Notes, Advice and restrictions

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          Are there any Weight or Height Restrictions ... ?

At time of booking or quoting, please advise if your load to be transported contains any of the following material: Bricks, concrete, rubble, soil, rocks, metal, ie. anything heavy. Please do not Overload bins as it is a safety requirement that bins be tarped for safe transportation to Waste Facility.

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          The difference between  Domestic, Garden and Industrial Waste ... ?

Garden waste may consist of branches, prunings, clippings, palm fronds and leaves. Garden waste does not include , dirt, sand, stone, rubble, bricks, block work, concrete, bricks, rocks or metal products.

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Should you have any other queries please do not hesitate to give us a call on the following numbers:-

General Enquiries/ Quotes/Bookings : Ph/Fax : 7909 8888
                                                        Mobile:                  0407611000
                              Account Information :                  0427 831576

                                                          Email : info@vtgwaste.com.au

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If we do deliver a Bin/Skip
to you please restrain
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I'm afraid we do not consider
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